A hub for my web stuff:


social network #1

Twitter Iconhttp://www.twitter.com/aaronleebennett

social network #2

GPlus Iconhttp://gplus.to/aaronleebennett

social network #3

Facebook Iconhttp://www.facebook.com/aaronleebennett

social network #4

Youtube Iconhttp://www.youtube.com/aaronleebennett

scores/ videos for tracks/ hoping to expand into piano tutorials

Dictionary Iconhttp://www.lose.org.uk/

grammar nazism.

MoneyBag Iconhttp://www.gryphontrust.eu/

unit trust fund (in dev).

Webserver Iconhttp://www.icerack.com/

vps which hosts this and a few select others

Conductor Iconhttp://soundcloud.com/aaronleebennett/

my music

Clef Iconhttp://soundcloud.com/sheffieldfightinggravy/

"taking average chart tracks and making them awesome".

Old projects laid to rest:

Wordpress Iconhttp://www.holyforeskin.com/

stupid shit.

Twitter Iconhttp://www.twitter.com/buygoldbullion

was urging people to buy Gold from $700 per ounce.

NewsFeed Iconhttp://www.dailymint.co.uk/

auto-generated daily newspaper based on my precious metal twitter streams.

LineChart Iconhttp://www.goldchart.co.uk/

handy gold price chart for my own convenience

Megaphoning Iconhttp://www.megaphoning.com/

social collaborative music project.

Wordpress Iconhttp://www.crunchtimes.co.uk/

blog about the financial collapse and its ramifications.

Search Iconhttp://www.nothingon.tv/

web portal and 'noodle' search engine

Email Iconhttp://www.gotmail.tv/

webmail client.

Search Iconhttp://www.monkeyhosts.com/

web hosting company & domain registrar.

Scorn Iconhttp://www.wankadoo.co.uk/

wanadoo parody site.

Running Iconhttp://www.desent.org.uk/

training regime based on parkour/methode naturelle

Car Iconhttp://www.regstar.co.uk/

private number plates.

BigSmile Iconhttp://www.capitaplc.com/

the certified association of people in i.t. attending pole and lapdancing clubs